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Sunshine Lamps (Lending Collection)

Sunshine Lamps are part of The Playground at FVRL. They are available for loan – free with your FVRL card!

Sunshine Lamps at FVRL

Sunshine Lamps are light therapy boxes that emit a bright light (10,000 lux). They are meant to reproduce the effects of natural sunlight. Many people use light therapy to combat the winter blues or cheer up on cloudy days. Sunshine Lamps replace lost sunlight exposure and can help to balance hormones and reset the body's internal clock in healthy adults.

Living in the Pacific Northwest, we are exposed to less sunlight than people who live in sunny places or at lower latitudes. During times of stress or isolation, tools that bring cheer to our lives are especially important. Plug in a Sunshine Lamp and access the potential health benefits of light therapy.

Light therapy is generally safe. However, there can be side effects such as eye strain, headaches or irritability - relieve these by decreasing the amount of time you spend under the light. People who have sensitive eyes or skin should not use a Sunshine Lamp without first consulting a doctor. Consult a medical or therapy professional if you have serious depression symptoms.

Borrowing Sunshine Lamps With Your FVRL Card

Want to borrow a Sunshine Lamp? It’s easy! All you need is an FVRL card. Sunshine Lamps circulate through the FVRL system as part of the floating collection. If we don’t have one available at your local library, we can put a hold on the next available and it will be delivered to your nearest FVRL location. You can check availability at your library or search online in the FVRL catalogue.

You may check out your Sunshine Lamp for a three-week loan period. (If there are holds on the kit, you may only keep it for two weeks.) Please return your Sunshine Lamp on time to any FVRL location. The Sunshine Lamp collection is available to FVRL full access cardholders only. See Getting a Library Card for more details.

What's Inside

Each Sunshine Lamp kit will contain:

  • Sunshine Lamp (Verilux Happy Light Touch VT32)
  • Stand
  • Adapter/Cord
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Customer Survey

How to Use a Sunshine Lamp

Our short instructional video explains how to setup and use the Sunshine Lamp.

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