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Bat Packs (Lending Collection)

Bat Packs (Android and iOS compatible versions) are now part of The Playground at FVRL. They are available for loan – free with your FVRL card!

Bat Packs at FVRL

BC bats contribute to the Fraser Valley economy and biodiversity, but little is known about them. The Playground’s Bat Packs, complete with an echometer bat detector device, provide borrowers an opportunity to develop an understanding, appreciation and support for bats through citizen science opportunities, such as:

  • Participating in summer bat counts.
  • Installing bat boxes on your property.
  • Helping to preserve endangered habitats and species.
  • Encouraging your city’s Council to have the city certified as a Bat Friendly Community (e.g. the City of Delta).
  • Joining or supporting community bat organizations.

Half of the bat species in BC are considered species at risk and are vulnerable or threatened. The bats play an important role in controlling nocturnal insect populations and cycling nutrients from wetlands to forests and are a critical part of our ecosystem. No matter your age or background, locating and learning more about your local bats is a fun and educational activity the whole family can enjoy.

The Bat Packs supports STEAM learning (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) through observation of the natural world. The study of bats and their habitat can provide a deeper understanding of ecology, biodiversity and the environment.

Borrowing a Bat Pack With Your FVRL Card

Want to borrow a Bat Pack? It’s easy! All you need is an FVRL card. Bat Packs circulate through the FVRL system as part of the floating collection. If we don’t have one available at your local library, we can put a hold on the next available and it will be delivered to your nearest FVRL location. You can check availability at your library or search online in the FVRL Catalogue (Android Bat Pack or iOS Bat Pack).

You may check out your Bat Pack for a three-week loan period. (If there are holds on the kit, you may only keep it for two weeks.) Please return your Bat Pack on time to any FVRL location. The Bat Pack collection is available to FVRL full access cardholders only. See Getting a Library Card for more details.

What's Inside

Each Bat Pack will contain:

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Partners and Support

FVRL has created the Bat Packs with the partnership with the Community Bat Programs of BC and with the generous support of a provincial government grant to support public libraries to enhance digital programs, expand online services and increase access to new technologies.