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FVRL welcomes suggestions for the collection. Use this form to tell us about popular titles you think we may have missed. Because of the number of suggestions we review, we are unable to respond to suggestions, and we aren’t able to purchase every title suggested. If we buy the title, it will appear in the catalogue, and you can place a hold.

Please follow these guidelines for suggestions:

  • Suggest titles that are:
    • Not in our collection (search the catalogue first).
    • Recently published and currently available for purchase (we can’t buy titles that aren’t available to the general public)
  • Suggest up to 3 titles each month.
  • Make only one suggestion per title.
  • Use our Interlibrary Loans service to request older or out-of-print titles.
  • Suggest titles by local authors using our Local Indie Author program.

Please note, because we receive a large number of suggestions, we are unable to notify you when a purchase is made. You may place a hold once the title appears in the library catalogue. You can log in to the Classic Catalogue to create a My Search Alert that will send you a notification email if your title is added to the catalogue.

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George Mackie Library has officially reopened and is sporting a new roof! Thank you for your patience during construction. We look forward to seeing you in the library.


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