Ozobots (in-library experience)

Ozobots are a part of The Playground at FVRL and are an in-library experience.

What Are Ozobots?

Ozobots are pocket-sized coding robots that come with infinite ways to play, create and share. These cute little robots offer a great introduction to coding, computational thinking and digital exploration. Programming Ozobots is easy! Just draw coloured lines on paper using the special Ozobot markers. The robots will follow the lines and respond to colour codes by changing their speed, direction or LED light colour. Once you learn the basics, you can use drag-and-drop coding to build more advanced programs.

Why Ozobots at FVRL?

The Ozobot program grew out of a partnership with Science World British Columbia. FVRL received an Ozobot kit as a result of the Science World Tech-Up program. This initiative (with funding from the Government of Canada) promotes coding and computation thinking instruction in schools and libraries throughout British Columbia. Ozobots are a perfect addition to The Playground at FVRL, which supports STEAM learning (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) in our libraries.

How Can My Child Experience Ozobots at FVRL?

FVRL will be hosting Ozobot programs at many of our libraries. Kids in Grades 4 through 6 will learn to program using the Ozobot Bit, markers, paper, instructional books and games, and tablets loaded with drag-and-drop coding apps. Visit our Events page to find upcoming Ozobots programs at a library near you.

Where Can I Find More Information About Ozobots?


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