The Board of Fraser Valley Regional Library acknowledges the importance of Friends of the Library and supports FVRL Friends of the Library volunteers who:

  1. Recognize that libraries are vital community destinations and resources for literacy, recreation, informed decision making, and social interaction;
  2. Form associations/relationships that support the mission, vision, values, strategic directions, purpose, goals, and objectives of Fraser Valley Regional Library;
  3. Build goodwill and mutually beneficial relationships between Fraser Valley Regional Library and the public;
  4. Act collectively and independently to preserve, promote, and strengthen library services, activities, and initiatives in harmony with FVRL management and policies;
  5. Foster public support and informed community interest in FVRL's functions, resources, services and needs;
  6. Encourage use of the library's resources and services;
  7. Provide financial assistance that helps supplement materials, programs, and special needs not covered by the library's regular budget;
  8. Encourage gifts, endowments, and bequests to the library;
  9. Are not involved in the roles performed by FVRL's Board and staff.

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