The Fraser Valley Regional Library Board, as a community service, provides bulletin boards, display stands and wall space for posting of information of importance and interest to the community.

No petitions will be accepted in any branch of the Fraser Valley Regional Library.

The Board accepts materials within the following guidelines:

Display Materials Acceptable for Posting or Distribution

  1. Publicity for Library or Library sponsored programs.
  2. Materials from non-profit or community based cultural organizations.
  3. Publicity materials for programs sponsored by local community organizations.
  4. Publicity for educational courses and programs conducted by non-profit organizations, professional associations, schools, colleges and universities.
  5. Information of a cultural or recreational nature such as concerts, theatre, art gallery exhibitions, conservation authority programs, etc.
  6. Materials from school district, municipal, regional, provincial and federal governments or agencies.

Display Materials Not Acceptable for Posting or Distribution

  1. Material in support of, or publicizing private or corporate business whose main purpose is profit.
  2. Materials of a sectarian, political or religious nature.
  3. Petitions.
  4. Fundraising materials (unless authorized by Library Board).
  5. Publicity or advertisements for individual teachers (e.g., music teachers, dance teachers, tutors, etc.)
  6. Materials which contravene the British Columbia Human Rights Code, the Charter of Rights and/or the Criminal Code of Canada.
  7. Materials which may be of a libelous or defamatory nature.
  8. Materials missing essential information (e.g., sponsor name, date, time, place, etc.)

Conditions for Posting or Distribution

  1. All materials except fundraising materials may be submitted to the Chief Executive Officer or Library Manager for approval. Fundraising materials must be forwarded to the Chief Executive Officer. Such materials must not be posted, distributed, or used unless specifically authorized by the Library Board.
  2. Posting and distribution of materials is subject to availability of space.
  3. Posting and distribution does not imply Board endorsement of any organization, group or point of view.
  4. All materials posted without prior approval must be removed and discarded.
  5. Please advise anyone requesting to post or distribute materials that the Library Board is not responsible for the physical maintenance and/or return of any materials.
  6. The Library Board reserves the right to decline any publicity material at its discretion. These materials may be determined through communication in writing with the local council or school board where that library is located.


The Fraser Valley Regional Library Board permits distributors of free publications (e.g., newspapers, magazines, etc.) to place materials in its libraries for the access of library customers.

Free publications are accepted within the following guidelines:

  1. Prior approval of the Library Manager must be received before depositing free publications in a branch library.
  2. For the purposes of this policy `excessive sexual content' is defined as:
    1. explicit depictions of sexual conduct;
    2. explicit references to sexual conduct;
    3. suggestive depictions of or suggestive references to sexual conduct involving:
      • violence or torture
      • coercion through physical or other means;
      • bondage;
      • persons who are, or appear to be, under 14 years of age involved in any manner in sexual conduct;
      • bestiality;
      • incest;
      • necrophilia; or
      • urination or defecation.
    4. profanity or vulgar references; or
    5. the exposure of human sexual organs, other than for the provision of medical or hygiene information.
  3. All material with excessive sexual content shall be placed on shelves that are in excess of 1.75 metres from the library floor, or behind a counter at the discretion of the Chief Executive Officer or designate.
  4. Since distribution space is limited, preference is given to publications which are complementary to Board programs, services and collections and to publications of local community groups and publications of Government Agencies describing services of those agencies or offering advice and information in areas of responsibility of those organizations.
  5. The Board is not responsible for the physical maintenance or return of publications deposited for distribution.
  6. Acceptance of publications for distribution does not imply Board endorsement of the contents or points of view expressed.

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