The services and facilities that Fraser Valley Regional Library (the “Library”) offers to the general public are for everyone’s use and enjoyment and the Library is committed to providing a space for public use where freedom of expression is valued and where all applicable laws are complied with. Everyone has the right to equal treatment with respect to their lawful access and use of the Library’s services and facilities without discrimination or harassment.
    Accordingly, no one shall engage in any behaviour at any of our libraries that, without lawful authority, unreasonably interferes with the public’s right of access to or use of the Library’s services and facilities, the safety of the Library users and staff, or the protection of Library property and facilities.
    To maintain an environment in which the Library’s services and facilities can be freely accessed and used by everyone consistent with applicable laws.
  3. SCOPE
    This policy is applicable to all public users of the Library’s facilities and services.
    Individuals who do not adhere to the Code of Conduct may be requested to leave the Library’s facilities immediately. Depending on the severity of the incident, individuals may also face a number of consequences, including but not limited to being be banned from using the Library’s services for a particular period of time or indefinitely.
    The following are examples of prohibited activities at our libraries that are contrary to our Code of Conduct:
    1. Engaging in any activity that is prohibited by applicable laws, including but not limited to the Criminal Code of Canada and the Human Rights Code of British Columbia;
    2. Engaging in any activity that is in breach of applicable Library policies or procedures;
    3. Consuming or distributing alcohol or engaging in illegal drug use or distribution;
    4. Smoking or vaping in non-designated areas;
    5. Conducting games of chance, including bingo or lotteries;
    6. Engaging in fundraising activities, unless authorized by the Library in advance;
    7. Engaging in disruptive or unsafe behaviour that, without authority, unreasonably interferes with someone’s ability to use and enjoy the library’s services or the ability of staff to perform their duties, including but not limited to:
      1. Bullying or harassment (including but not limited to threats, intimidation, assault, battery, or sexual harassment)
      2. Use of profanity or disrespectful language
      3. Excessively loud language or behaviour
      4. Sleeping
    8. Engaging in behaviour, either intentionally or recklessly, that results in, or that may reasonably result, in damage to library facilities or property, including vandalizing materials or tampering with computers or other equipment;
    9. Exposing other customers or staff to graphic images that may be offensive
    10. Leaving children brought into the Library's facilities unattended;
    11. Entering Staff Only areas without permission;
    12. Stealing library property;
    13. Unlawfully obstructing entrances, exits, aisles or the free and safe movement of customers, staff, or the public;
    14. Bringing bicycles or other large items into the building (except for mobility aids);
    15. Using rollerblades, skateboards, scooters and similar equipment (except for mobility aids)
    16. Bringing animals into the library (except registered guide and service animals and except as otherwise required by law);
    17. Leaving personal belongings brought into the library unattended;
    18. Wearing inappropriate attire;
    19. Engaging in the photography, filming or video recording of customers, staff, or the public without their prior approval.

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