Conflict of Interest

A conflict of interest arises when an employee's personal interests conflict with his or her duties and responsibilities as an employee of the Fraser Valley Regional Library. A conflict of interest can exist whether or not a pecuniary advantage has been or may have been conferred on an employee.

Employees shall not:

  1. engage in any business transactions or have financial or other personal interests which are inconsistent with the impartial discharge of their duties.
  2. place themselves in a position where they are under obligation to any person who might benefit from special consideration or favour on their part;
  3. deal with an application to Fraser Valley Regional Library for a loan, grant, award or other benefit involving relatives;
  4. extend, in the discharge of their official duties, preferential treatment to relatives, friends, organizations or groups in which they have or their relatives or friends have a pecuniary interest.
  5. gain personal benefit, directly or indirectly, from any agreement or contract with Fraser Valley Regional Library about which they can influence decisions or affect the outcome.
  6. gain personal benefit, or permit others to benefit, from the access to information acquired in their official capacity which is not generally available to the public through ordinary and proper channels.

Employees shall not engage in work, business or other types of financial enterprises outside Fraser Valley Regional Library that:

  1. would interfere with or influence their judgement or the impartial discharge of their duties as Library employees;
  2. would create or provide an advantage on account of their employment as library employees; and
  3. would be employment which has or may have business dealings with Fraser Valley Regional Library.

Employees shall be bound to inform their supervisors, in writing, of any business interests of a commercial or financial nature where such interests might be construed to provide an advantage or to be in conflict with their library duties.

Employees shall not solicit, accept or condone the solicitation or acceptance of any gift, favour or form of entertainment and/or hospitality from any person or corporation having dealings with Fraser Valley Regional Library whereby the acceptance of such could reasonably be construed as being given in anticipation or recognition of special consideration by the Board.

Public Relations

Employees shall treat each contact with the public with diplomacy, tact and objectivity, and shall recognize that such contacts affect Fraser Valley Regional Library's public image.

Employees shall refer to the Chief Executive Officer any contacts from the media which do not deal with information in the public domain, but which request opinions or comments on policy, procedures or other matters.

Press releases must be approved by the Chief Executive Officer or designate prior to issue.


An employee shall not use Fraser Valley Regional Library property, equipment, supplies or services of consequence, including computer software and other intellectual property, for activities not associated with the discharge of official duties.

Confidentiality of Information

Onus is placed on the Chief Executive Officer, Managers, Coordinators and Supervisors to ensure that employees are cognizant of confidential information held in their departments which may not be divulged.

Employees shall not disclose or release, by any means, to any member of the public, either in verbal or written form, any confidential information or material acquired by virtue of their official position as an employee.

Employees shall not permit any person, other than those who are appropriately entitled thereto, to inspect or have access to information, papers or documents which are confidential.

Formal procedures are in place, in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, which govern situations where a member of the public requests access to information that is regarded as confidential by Fraser Valley Regional Library.

Employees shall not, by virtue of their position with Fraser Valley Regional Library, use information for personal or private gain or for the gain of friends, relatives or any person or corporation having dealings with Fraser Valley Regional Library.

All personnel matters and files of any employee of Fraser Valley Regional Library shall be kept in strictest confidence with the Department of Human Resources, and knowledge of their contents shall be available only to those who are appropriately entitled thereto.

Where an employee is unsure of the status of information, he or she shall confer with the Chief Executive Officer for a decision.

Political Activity

An employee of the library who intends to be a candidate in an election should consult the Chief Executive Officer.

During municipal, provincial or federal elections, employees should ensure that any involvement in campaigns shall not adversely affect their duties as employees with Fraser Valley Regional Library.

Library resources shall not be used on any election campaign. No campaign related activities shall take place on library property.


The Chief Executive Officer, Managers, Coordinators and Supervisors shall, to the best of their ability, ensure that the Code of Ethics is followed by all staff.

Managers, Coordinators or Supervisors having direct knowledge of a breach of this Code of Ethics by an employee, shall bring such information immediately to the attention of the employee and the Chief Executive Officer.

Any employee who has reason to believe that a Manager or Supervisor is committing a breach of the Code shall approach the Chief Executive Officer in confidence.

Where it is determined that an employee is in contravention of any one of the foregoing, disciplinary action shall be taken which may include reprimand, suspension or dismissal.


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