Each library is encouraged to have a book sale once per year. Libraries may choose to have ongoing booksales. All money from book sales (except that designated for Friends of the Library) must be spent on library materials, equipment or furnishing.

The Library Manager or designate will be responsible for planning and organizing the event. Friends of the Library groups should be encouraged to participate.

Discarded library materials are sold only through book sales. Library staff and Friends of the Library will be allowed to preview book sales and purchase items at that time.

Library staff may purchase discarded items from the collection at any time for the same price charged to the public at book sales.

All income from book sales will be divided into two parts:

  1. At the discretion of the Library Manager, a portion of the net income may be donated to the Friends of the Library group that assisted at the book sale.
  2. All remaining net income will be placed in the appropriate book sale fund account to be spent on library materials, equipment or furnishings at the discretion of the Library Manager, within the following guidelines:
    1. The Book Sale Fund is a municipal fund and will be spent on the needs of any library in the municipality.
    2. Funds will be expended within the FVRL Collection Development Guidelines.
    3. Selection of materials will be to meet specific library needs such as special local collections, local history, high demand areas, etc.
    4. Funds will be used to purchase any library materials which would normally be purchased with the FVRL system budget. Items purchased with book sale funds will be catalogued and processed as per FVRL policy and guidelines.


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