William Allister - Art Reproductions
  • Ancients by William Allister

    (Faces And Languages)

    By William Allister – Acrylic on Canvas – 1997/1998

    Ancients represents the interconnection of all cultures down through history. This montage was chosen to join sculptured African faces, obscured by time, with languages that grew like flowers out of many civilizations – Chinese, Egyptian, Roman, and Hebrew – united in peace.

  • Fertility by Willam Allister

    (Mother Earth, Africa)

    By William Allister – Acrylic on Canvas – 1997

    William Allister, the artist, observed that African art in centuries past reached astonishing levels of sophistication in its many abstract forms and influenced many 20th century artists like Picasso. Here the Earth Mother, basic to all life, holds and feeds tiny children. This depicts an almost sculptured representation of the basic needs of the country. Mother and children, including background patterns, suggest the atmosphere and industry of that period of African history. This is seen in vivid blues, reds and assorted patterns.

  • African Heritage by William Allister

    (North African Figure)

    By William Allister – Acrylic on Canvas – 1997/1998

    African Heritage is an imaginative rendering of North African symbols. The tall central figure is adorned with festive stones and beads and a great imaginary headdress, suggestive of Muslim influence. Miniature images of camel travel and village life establish a geographic setting and the loose freeform designs of the edges symbolize the creative energies latent in the present.

  • Legacy by William Allister

    (African Gods)

    By William Allister – Acrylic on Canvas – 1997/1998

    The African gods and symbolic animals, goat head, and multicoloured stylized bird, in a background of colourful textile designs, make up this composition of three-dimensional textures and vivid colour. The post-modern approach does homage to Africa's rich heritage in a contemporary setting.

  • Ghosts by William Allister


    By William Allister – Acrylic on Canvas – 1997

    Ghosts is a mixed media collage composed of symbols of the glory of ancient Egypt. The triumphant charioteer races the stylized prancing horse into battle. The ghostly image of an Egyptian god hovers in the background. The royal eagle rendered in abstract form, the hieroglyphics carved into the walls and tombs, and the extracts in triple language from the famous Rosetta Stone opened the secrets of ancient Egypt to the western world.

  • India's Heritage by William Allister


    By William Allister – Acrylic on Canvas – 1999

    India's Heritage is William Allister's symbolic interpretation of India. It includes worshippers in the holy river and sacred cities in the background. In the foreground is a religious procession including the Indian ornamental elephant with its colourful rider. Also included are an Indian goddess, religious carvings, ancient texts, and holy men.

  • The Americas by William Allister


    By William Allister – Acrylic on Canvas – 1997

    Following the Christian invasion of South America, several different religions co-existed, with the ancient Mayan beliefs continuing alongside Christianity. The Americas: Many Paths Up the Mountain is William Allister's interpretation of all religions from ancient days to the present spirit of the New Age.

  • Europa by William Allister


    By William Allister – Acrylic on Canvas – 1997

    Europa is a mixed media collage of the complex elements representing the spirit of European history, including Galileo, Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Elizabeth I of England, as well as Rome with its great flourishing churches and Latin. This combines into a single semi-abstract composition.

  • Hideyoshi: Revisited by William Allister


    By William Allister – Acrylic on Canvas – 1998

    This once-powerful Shogun was painted by various artists as homage to his achievements. This is a 20th century version. The misty mountain is suggestive of the grandeur and untamed beauty of the land over which he ruled.

  • Spirit of Kyoto by William Allister


    Kyoto is the ancient capital of Japan. The old streets are noted for the aesthetic quality of the architecture. The side streets are works of art in subdued colours of blacks and browns, which include shops and residences of great variety. Inside night lights, seen through the grilles of homes, offer mysterious and fascinating effects through shutters and lanterns. Nightly, a spiritual ghost hovers over the city in protective magic.

  • Egyptian Ceremonial by William Allister


    This depicts the artist's impression of an ancient Egyptian tomb. The central figure is the god, Horus, clothed in traditional ceremonial style with a falcon head, leading the way into the underworld. The background depicts the walls of the tomb with hieroglyphics and symbols. Noteworthy are the inquiring eyes appearing within this dramatic atmosphere.

  • Ceremonial Dance by William Allister


    With outstretched arms the adorned dancer swirls to show the full spectrum of colourful feathers, beads, emblems and ribbons. The moccasins, with their intricate patterns, suggest movement as the dancer places her next step. The textured background suggests First Nations designs.

  • Ancient Voices by William Allister


    The painting represents the splendor of Ancient Egyptian antiquity. King Tutankhamen and a seated royal figure dominate the canvas, while the collage of hieroglyphics and the mural of assorted figures complete the scene.

  • Ancient Spirits by William Allister


    This is the artist's rendering of an ancient Egyptian culture. The central pharaoh-like figure pays homage to the bejeweled bird deity. In the background to the left are the mounted warriors with their spears guarding their pharaoh. The sculptured hieroglyphics dominate the right side. The red flames suggest the artist's concept of the Phoenix's reincarnation from ash.

  • Pow Wow Trance by William Allister


    A brilliantly feathered chieftain is engaged in a ceremonial dance accompanied by a band of pow wow dancers at bottom of painting. Dominating top left is a traditional dream catcher filtering negativity from the collected scene.

  • Into Africa by William Allister


    A tapestry of colour jumps off this painting, portraying the splendor of Africa at its best. A floating mask depicting an ancient spirit hovers over the trance-like chieftain. Both are connected by a beaded thread passing through a suggestion of the tribal ways of life. Patterns and textures complete a collage-like setting.

  • Song of India by William Allister


    The painting depicts aspects of ancient Indian culture. The ghost-like figure, Vishnu, emerges, establishing his presence as preserver of the universe. The collage of the Guru and Sanskrit accompanied by the assembly of guards dominate the left side of the painting. The right side suggests the filigreed architecture of the times. Completing the painting is the red open doorway into the future.

  • Into the Ritual by William Allister


    An elaborate ceremonial dance performed by an elegantly dressed chieftain. The brilliantly coloured feathers move with the traditional moccasins, ribbons and ceremonial stick. His face exhibits the spirit and meaning of the dance.

  • Incantation by William Allister


    A stunning array of feathers dominates this Indian chieftain as he extends his arms in dance. He stands on snow-covered twigs that match the snow, inset in sharp contrast with the red flames rising from below. Colourful beads and pendants hanging from his neck complete this spectacle.

  • Juggling Tunes by William Allister


The International Collection

In 2011 Fraser Valley Regional Library (FVRL) received a generous art donation from the estate of acclaimed Canadian artist and Delta resident, the late William Allister. FVRL was gifted Allister's entire International Collection. The collection contains 19 large acrylic on canvas paintings which feature imaginative renderings and symbols highlighting the interconnection of cultures throughout history.

FVRL's Tsawwassen Library is where Allister found his inspiration to paint the International Collection. He spent many hours visiting the library to enjoy the books and complete research for his paintings. As he neared the end of his life he discussed with his wife, Mona, his wish that the paintings be accessible to the community.

The original paintings now hang in various FVRL locations on permanent display so that they can inspire and enrich library visitors for years to come. You are invited to purchase International Collection canvas giclee reproductions from FVRL, the exclusive source for reproductions of this collection. Your purchase helps to support library programs and services.

About William Allister

William Allister, nationally acclaimed Canadian artist and Delta resident, was born in Manitoba. He was an actor in Hollywood, soldier in Hong Kong, prisoner of war in Japan, writer in New York and Mexico, and painter in Montreal and Tsawwassen.

His paintings are in collections in Canada, France, South Africa, Mexico, the US, and Japan, with reproductions sold worldwide. His East Meets West collection has been shown at the Asian Centre, UBC, in Richmond, Victoria and in Tokyo at the Canadian Embassy Gallery. An hour-long documentary film on his life, The Art of Compassion, was aired nationally on CBC.

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To order your canvas giclee reproductions of William Allister's International Collection, please contact FVRL's Donor Relations department by phone at 1-888-668-4141, ext. 7005, or by email at donorrelations@fvrl.bc.ca.

The pricing for each reproduction and options for printing can be viewed here: Pricing Information. FVRL accepts Visa, Mastercard, Debit, cheque, and cash. Your canvas giclee reproduction will be produced once payment is received. Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for production. (Taxes, shipping and insurance are additional costs. International shipping is available.)

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